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Therapeutic Riding is recognized as one of the most beneficial forms of therapy for persons with disabilities. The three-dimensional movement of the horse's back while walking mirrors the human walking gait, providing a repetitive pattern of movement.  As the horse's center of gravity shifts forward and backward, up and down, side to side, the following benefits occur:

Stimulation of muscles and nerves
Improved head/neck control
Postural muscles strengthened
Enhancement of equilibrium reactions
Increased breathing
Cardiovascular exercise
Raised awareness of body
Improvement of body symmetry

Riding Therapy extends its benefits beyond the physical to the whole person; supporting positive social, emotional and psychological development.

Our riders may not be able to control their bodies, voices, hands, or legs, but atop their thousand-pound equine therapist, they are carried to a stronger sense of self, independence, and confidence.

Theresa Wilhelm had a vision...and, since 1984, T.H.E. Center, Inc. has provided a serene atmosphere for the disabled child or individual to enjoy equestrian therapy.

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