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Enrollment 2004-2005

We are a premier site, accredited through North American Riding for the Handicapped Association

Cognitive/Educational Benefits:

Language Development, Reading Readiness, Math Concepts and Reinforcement, Auditory Skills Enhancement, Spatial Awareness Development, Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development & Remedial Practice

Physical Benefits:

Stimulation of Muscles and Nerves, Improved Head/Neck Control, Increased Respiratory Functioning, Cardiovascular Exercise & Improved body Symmetry.

Emotional & Psychological Benefits:

Promotes Trust in Others, Cultivates Confidence, Encourages Independent Thinking, Stimulates Motivation & Improves Self Esteem.

Daily Living Skills

Rhythm, Balance and Leteral Oppositional Movement & Self Help Skills.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding has been found to help the following disabilities (not limited to): Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Downs Syndrome, Autisim, Myopathy/Muscular Dystrophy (MD), ADHD/ADD, Learning and mental disabilities to name a few. 

Fee Schedule

Class time for Therapeutic Horseback Riding includes mounting and dismounting (time varies due to persons’ disability and availability of volunteers). Horses are tacked and ready for mounting at the start of each class. All students will be assessed as to whether they would benefit from a group lesson or an individual lesson. All new students must be assesed prior to start of class - please call to schedule an appointment.

Cost - Group: $30 per person, per one hour (4 to a class). 
Cost - Individual: $30 per person, per half hour. 

For persons enrolled in our therapeutic horseback riding who are considered low-income, T.H.E. Center provides a sliding scale ranging from $15 - $25 per class depending on household income. Documentation as to income is required for sliding scale fee (paycheck or other verification). 

GENERAL PUBLIC - For the fourth year, T.H.E. Center will provide horsemanship lessons for the general public. Class time includes haltering, grooming, tacking, and untacking, and putting out to pasture their horse for their class time.
Cost - Group: $30 per person - 90 minute class
Cost - Individual: $30 per person - 45 minute class

10% discount for payment in full
prior to each session!


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Fall Session
Sept. 7 ~ Oct. 30, 2004

Winter Session I
Nov. 9 ~ Dec. 22, 2004

Winter Session II
Jan. 4 ~ Feb. 19, 2004

Spring Session I
March 1 ~ April 23, 2004

Spring Session II
May 3 ~ June 25, 2004

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